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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

At Any Cost

Today I have been thinking about the projects I am working on in 2009. You might think of them as goals but I am not fond of the word because it implies that once you reach your goal then the work is over. My projects are more like ongoing targets.

But for simplicity, let's refer to them as goals.

My main goal is (in present, positive tense):
~I am effortlessly maintaining my weight sub 60.0kg and my body fat between 7kg and 8kg~

With a goal that is connected to physical appearance it is easy to slip into 'at any cost' thinking. If fat loss was my only goal, then I could easily achieve it through fair means or foul. In my dim dark past (2005) I have done just this. I have stayed under 60kg by eating 1,000 calories a day and doing cardio morning and afternoon. I was in living hell.

It would be like having a goal of making a million dollars, and then robbing a bank. Achieving your goal 'at any cost' is not going to bring happiness or a sense of achievement.

So my goal has the words 'effortlessly maintaining' included to deter me from the chicken breast and broccoli strategy. At the same time, I also need to think about the reasons why this is important - or what will be the result of being successful in this pursuit.

But my project for 2009 includes more than one goal, I have checkpoints or sub goals along the way. I am working on
* competing in a figure competition at some point in 2009
* always keeping my calories under 2,500, treating food with restraint and my body with respect (the positive version of no bingeing!)
* living passionately and having enough energy to train
* re-gaining weight post comp in the same way I lost it - through controlled eating and training

Now I have a complete strategy that ensures that I achieve my main goal by my chosen route.

All I need to add in is how I am going to do it and who is going to help me. I have made a goal map that lays it out visually. (click on the image for a larger version)

What are your goals for this year, and has your slower than expected progress led you to thinking about getting there at any cost?

Goal Map template and instructions here


  1. Our local chemist has a big poster for diet shakes in the window and sometimes I think about it - even though I know I could never stick to something like that. I love solid food too much!

  2. God, you are the Queen of the charts, aren't you, Miss Katie? Clever ol' you...

    At any cost can be tempting when you really want something badly, but nah - retaining your sanity and having fun is the way to go.