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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Pick Your Ass Up

I admit I am a little down this morning as this is the first time since committing to competition prep that I've posted a gain at the end of a cycle (see side bar -->). It would appear that I have gained almost 0.5kg of fat.

I am hopeful that this is just another case of the scales playing stupid games, because when I add up my food and exercise last week (including the binge) I only averaged 1949 calories per day before I take off the 413 calories of exercise. That is a net intake of 1536 calories a day. Surely that can't possibly be 500 calories a day over maintenance?

I wish calories in/out was an exact science. It would be wonderful if you could hook yourself up to a device every morning which told you exactly how many calories you needed for the day and as you moved, trained and ate it made the precise adjustments. At the end of the day you could see your deficit/surplus and where exactly the deficit/surplus was being made up from (fat or LBM).

As that fantasy is not going to come true, I guess I just have to have confidence ~ full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.


  1. Hey Katie, you know for a fact that this is a combination of your body, the scales and your mind playing tricks on you! You know that the number you've recorded is just a number... whilst it is a good indication of where you're at, don't let one week of recording a number throw you! Wait another week, see what the result is, then decide if you need to start worrying. You know that 0.47kg could be just a result of your water, salt or carb intake, or it could be something as stupid as a toilet trip! Chin up chickybabe. :-) xox

  2. You're doing great. Maths is for nerds anyway.

    You call it confidence, I call it faith. It'll all work out if you just keep swimming.

    Sorry, channelling Dory there....

  3. Katie, there is a certain device made in the USA to calculate such cals in/out exercise in/out and guess what....not avail in Aust! When I can find one I shall let you know. Trudsxx