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Friday, 27 March 2009

Butter Cream Toffee is Good

Yesterday I had a mini meltdown. By 10am I was starving so I ate my morning tea. I was still hungry so I ate my afternoon tea which still didn't do it, so then I ate my lunch. After I had consumed my morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea in the space of an hour, I was actually quite content again.

Knowing that I had no more food to eat until dinner that night put me in worrying position. If I didn't eat anything all afternoon, I was likely to be ravenous when I got home and possibly make some bad food choices. So I decided that today would be my high calorie day and had some chicken sushi around 3pm when I was hungry again.

By day's end, I had eaten around 1800 calories and about 150g carbs. The scale spike is perfectly acceptable. Today I am going to try 'front loading' my day by still having my early morning oats even though I'm not training and then having a HUGE breakfast later on.

This morning I tried oat bran instead of rolled oats. I found this wonderful blog by Heather which has the best ideas for oaty goodness with my other favourite - nut butter. Oat bran has a better nutritional profile than oatmeal and it is lovely and creamy.

I have been incorporating the 'drop set' method into my training and it has been giving me major DOMs everywhere. This morning I can barely walk and my chest is still sore from Wednesday. The idea is that after you have done your working sets, pick up a lighter weight and lift until failure [don't even bother counting the reps - just keep going], then another lighter weight and then another lifting until you can't do anymore. Result = good ouch!


  1. Drop sets'll get the DOMS happening, for sure!

    I love oat bran - here's a simple idea: mix oat bran and egg whites (whatever proportion works for you) and cook in a non-stick pan into a kind of pancake. Then top with your favourite veggies, some salt and pepper - yum! Or you can go fruit and syrup if you want it sweet.

  2. Anonymous11:44 am

    Hi katie

    How did you cook you oatbran and combine with the nut butter? do you have with milk or anything?

  3. Wow,
    What an inspiring story! You look amazing, and I am blown away by your dedication.

    Thanks for the shout-out, and I'm glad you liked the oat bran. I'm a bit obsessed myself, can you tell? :)