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Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Total Fruitcake

My bloating, gas and constipation issues are back with a vengeance. Thank god for Calorie King because I looked back on the week when I was super regular and analysed what I was eating. The only difference between that week and every other one was the exclusion of one of my favourite treats - the protein bar. For some reason I ran out so I was making my own protein snacks out of soy protein, ladybird crunch, peanut butter and maple syrup. When I went to Melbourne I found protein bars at the local supermarket, stocked up for convenience and have been eating them again ever since.

Popular reactions to protein bars is diarrhea from the sugar alcohols. I think that I am fine with sugar alcohols, but not fine with the whey protein they use. To complicate things, I have also been using whey protein powder in my pancakes lately because I have a tub of caramel fudge flavour that I love. I don't think I am lactose intolerant because I was still eating ricotta, cottage and Jarlsberg cheese during my 'pooping' week.

So from today, protein bars and whey protein are banned and soy protein and LB crunch are back on the menu.

I have to do something to get rid of this bulging stomach and terrible smells emanating from my nether regions. Does anyone else have digestive issues with whey?


  1. You know my digestive story issues and that I'm at the stage of "who the fuck knows".

    Is that Izzy on the dunny?

  2. I'm not good with whey either. Couple of reasons: artificial sweetner gives me wind, but even if I get ones without any sweetner, the lactose in it makes me bloated. You could try rotating your proteins. You might be alright with a small amount of whey each day or every second day.

  3. Just another thought. Dymatize Elite whey isolate has digestive enzymes in it, and it comes in nice flavours (butter cream toffee is good).

  4. I too have problems with whey. Though I seem to be ok with 1 serve (my PWO of WPI as long as I mix in the digestive enzymes).
    I'm intruged by Charlotte's idea that it's the A.S that's part of the problem, though I don't do too well with ricotta either.