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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sleep Rest and Recovery

I am feeling much better today after spending yesterday lying on the couch watching DVDs. I must remember that when I feel revolting, that feeling amazing again is probably only 24 hours away.

Personal Best
Sometimes I get the impression that saying you are just aiming for your personal best means you don't have high enough goals or that you have self limiting beliefs. After all, anything is possible isn't it?

I worry about girls whose measure of success is looking like somebody else. To look like the amazing winners of figure and fitness competitions you need to start with their genetic body shape and personal history.

We seem to forget that Miss Perfect Body has never been overweight so she is not going to have loose skin or stretch marks. We forget that she doesn't have a full time, stressful job, children to care for or is installing a new kitchen. Miss Perfect Body doesn't have to buy her supplements because her sponsors give them to her and she also has a little (or a lot) of pharmaceutical help.

All I can do is the best with what I've got and who I am right now. It is not an excuse. I will never have long lean limbs like Shelley or fuck'n huge muscles like Fern. I will never have skin that hasn't accommodated size 18 thighs. At this moment, I am unable to exclusively eat lean meat and veggies without my deprivation brain triggering a binge.

Of course I would look better and be more competitive if I have an inner thigh lift, breast implants and trained twice a day. I would compete in better condition if I stopped working completely and put myself in an environment where there were no distractions. I would look better if I stopped eating ice cream and caramello koalas.

But the sad fact is, I will never look like Miss Perfect Body no matter how hard I try. Having that as my dream means I will always be disappointed.

So instead I will be the best I can be with what I have been given, and with what I am willing to sacrifice. I'm giving it my best shot - and that's a huge achievement for me.


  1. You mean I will never look like Monica Brant-Peckham (LOL)?

    Seriously, what you are saying is absolutely spot on. It's all any of us can do. OUR best at that point in time. Sometimes our best is not as good as another day but as long as we tried our hardest on that given day it's all that matters.

    I think you're doing a fantastic job and giving it your best shot.

    And I don't think you would look better if you stopped eating ice cream and caramello koalas so keep 'em coming.

    Have a great day sweetie.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me Katie when I log in to the computer to raed my favourite blogs and discover that another blogger has been thinking about EXACTLY the same issues or concerns as me!

    I have spent the past 24 hours pondering all of the things that you just mentioned. My thoughts were triggered by my own journey for MY best body and also receiving the latest copy of Oxygen in the mailyesterday afternoon. I read the article where the covergirl was interviewed and was left feeling VERY inadequate!

    She looks amazing and has had three kids!

    This made me feel like a failure as I have only had one and certainly don't look anything like her! But as I was reading the article I was thinking about what I would be prepared to sacrifice for my best physique and I realised that it would be no more than I already do.

    I could not and would not live on her daily diet and I could not justify the amount of time she spends exercising as it would mean missing out on time with family and friends and my career would suffer.

    So I guess that I, like you, have realised that I will never have a perfect body because I would have to sacrifice too many truly enjoyable aspects of my life in order to do so :(

    Luckily I have the photos of me that were taken during the only period of my life when I have LOVED my body and they are my inspiration so I should be able to achieve my dream body once again.

    Thank you Katie for being such an inspiration :)

  3. Anonymous11:41 am

    This post has really struck a chord with me - especially today when I'm comparing myself to any and everyone.

    I'm taking this on board and am going to be the best I can be MYSELF.

    Big hugs Mrs, you're very wise.
    S X

  4. You been reading my mind again, Miss Katie? I was pondering this very thing myself today - not actually from a personal perspective though. Might blog about it when I get a second to put my thoughts in order.

    P.S. Ms Perfect Body is a total fruitcake.

  5. Anonymous8:11 pm

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT - I love our tready conversations - makes for bloody unreal blog reading by you Miss Katie!!!!


  6. Man Amen to that. I look like a shar-pei I'd like to see their thighs after they were a size 28 :( I love your blog btw, I always find something great, something to think about, or just seems like you know how I am feeling :) *hugs*

  7. Awesome post, thanks Katie! :-) x