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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Energy and Appetite Suppression?

I read other competitors blogs and they refer to supplements that give them energy to train and/or stops them feeling so hungry. I am wondering what these magic pills/potions are.

I am struggling big time with my hunger and energy levels and feel I could do with a little help. If anyone can give me specific details of these supplements (available in Australia) I would be most grateful.

Otherwise my future plans will most likely include lying on the couch whilst chewing off my own arm ...


  1. Hello Katie! For the hunger pains I just found that drinking lots of rooibos or green tea helped, but for energy levels I definitely found fat-burners good. I don't know how much it actually helped the fat-burning process or if they are just a gimmick, but I definitely noticed a difference during the final few weeks of less food and double cardio! I've used Scorch, N-Cinerate and Lipo-6 (Aus version)and prefer the first two... I don't think Lipo-6 did anything for me :-) Good luck chickybabe.

  2. Can't help, those things never did a thing for me when I tried them years ago.

    Go see the guys at Evelyn Faye Nutrition in Bourke St (near Elizabeth St, kind of hidden downstairs next to Angus & Robertson) if you're determined to go down that road. They'll be able to suggest something not-too-shonky.

  3. Whats been getting me through my workouts for the past 6 months is caffeine pills, just straight caffeine from Prima Force. Soon I will be starting with Gaspari's Superpump 250 as I hear thats some awesome stuff and I am needing more oomph. For recovery I take glutamine and let me tell you I really notice when I am not taking it. Its also supposed to be good for the immune system and I have not been sick in a year so maybe there is something to that.

    Good luck! :)

  4. GenTec Thermofuel is the BOMB when it comes to pre-workout energy. I like it because it doesn't make me edgey like other caffiene products.

    I also take tyrosine powder or capsules for energy. Can't help on the appetite front. I just eat entire heads of brocolli or a bag of frozen spinach with garam masala sprinkled on top. It's mega filling and is less than 50cals and the cals your body uses to digest it negates them anyways!

  5. Lindsey1:31 pm

    Most of these are legalized speed! I hate to preach but if you can't tell what's exactly in it or why it is doing certain unnatural things to your body (and it would be unnatural because you should be tired with all the training and low calories). Please be careful with these, they can cause more harm than good!