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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Don't you take sh*t from nothing or no-one

The scales are moving in the right direction but something weird is going on with my BF%. I might be less hydrated than normal because I haven't been drinking as much water as usual as I am not in my normal work environment.

I am shattered today so I decided to have a rest day.

Melbourne is very cold and I am freezing my arse off. It is difficult being at a conference where they serve morning, lunch and afternoon tea when you are somewhat hungry. There is something about missing out on free food that makes you feel deprived.

Last night there was a delegates dinner but I had to skip it. I couldn't deal with having to resist large portions and dessert. I stayed in my apartment and watched TV instead.

My body is looking more and more unrecognisable every day. I see bones sticking out. Sometimes this is a very lonely and strange path to choose.


  1. You know that I'm right there beside you and you are not alone even though you may feel lonely.

    Maybe the scales think they are on a holiday?

  2. You're in MELBOURNE?? And you didn't think to mention this?

    Gah! I could have whisked you away from your boring old hotel room and made you a tasty yet competition-friendly meal.... and it would still have been free food.


  3. melbourne. bleeeergh.

    i can commiserate darls.