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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Makes Us All Feel Human

I know I'm banned from blogging today because of my errant behaviour yesterday but I have just designed a new spreadsheet to track my statistics. I was sick of typing out all the minute detail every day and I hate the putrid green colour of the CK screen shot.

I am just quickly posting this week's totals because I am starting a new week tomorrow.

PS: I was back on plan today and stuck to my normal calorie allowance ... phew! Yesterday is over and done with and I'm moving on.


  1. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Welcome Back! :o)

    Love the new spreadsheet, very groovy. You're such a nerd like me with tracking everything and documenting it Katie. LOL!!

    Lia xxx

  2. ahhh... I love a good colour coded spreadsheet. Now I just have to design a spreadsheet to list all my spreadsheets and I should be right.....

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  4. The fact that you were objective enough to throw the previous day to the wind is proof that you have a firm grasp on this stuff.

    I ate a lot of fast food yesterday and I am not sweating it. Just not worth the mental hassle.