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Sunday, 8 March 2009

This Blog Temporarily Closed

The owner of this blog is hereby notified that all of her blogging privileges are suspended.

Yesterday she indulged in binge like behaviour and although only moderate amounts of food were consumed, she continued to eat until she was over full and uncomfortable. At present, she is completely unrepentant and refuses to (a) list her transgressions (b) get on the scales this morning or (c) write an overindulgent post beating herself up for letting herself and everyone else down.

She is quite convinced that although her behaviour isn't something to be celebrated, that she learned a valuable lesson. Not only has she been reminded that too much food makes her feel like shit but that what she though she was missing is not worth missing at all.

Normal blogging is scheduled to return tomorrow.


  1. Ha ha!

    I always find that too Katie! When I finally indulge in something that I think I desperately want it really isn't as good as I imagined it :)

    Have great day fabulous woman!

  2. Thanks for blogging that :) Just had a conversation with a friend of mine who is too 'embarrassed' to blog because sometimes she fails at what she sets out to do and I just got through telling her that even all the wonderful figure ladies on here have their 'off' days but most do blog about it, which makes us all feel human.

    Someone once said "It's a mind fuck" he he..

  3. Geez you only consumed moderate amounts of food Katie??!! Well done!! When I get in binge mode I eat enough to feed a third world nation. Back on the horse and back to blogging tomorrow.



  4. Anonymous7:43 pm

    We're faced with challenges every day and you did the best that you could. As long as you're still travelling in the right direction you'll be just fine.

    Never mind, tomorrow is a new day and a chance to redeem yourself Katie. ;o)

    Lia xxx