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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Thx for Sharing

Weight : 14.7% ~ 8.83/51.27 = 60.1 kg (wrong way fuckwit!)
Training : Back + interval sprints 25 min
Time : 1 hour 25 min ~ Calories : 586 ~ AHR : 121 bpm (69%)
Next target : 3 April : 11.8% ~ 6.80/50.8 = 57.6 kg

It feels like my body is shutting down. I have no energy, no period and my other bodily functions have stopped working as well (if you know what I mean).

I was reminded by the wise and wonderful Shelley last night that my goal is to get lean without sacrificing my enjoyment of life. If I don't have enough energy to train, then I am going to start hating it, get injured or just not perform as well as I'd like.

So Shelley suggested I add an additional small pre-workout meal on training days of oats and protein powder which will increase my daily calories by 200.

What have I got to lose? Worse case I will gain back some fat or stay the same and feel much better. Best case I will start losing again and feel much better.

It was good advice. This morning I ate my oats and powder at 5.00am and started training at 6.00am. I felt strong and powerful in the gym (the last time my average heart rate was higher than 120 bpm was 24 Feb after a carb up). I thrashed my intervals because I wasn't crippled by hunger pains. Walking home I felt energised by my workout rather than exhausted. I don't even really feel that hungry for breakfast.

My message from the Universe was spookily accurate last night

Haven't I always shown up with the right idea, at the right time, to spin your head and rock your world, when you least expected it, Katie?

Give yourself this rest you've earned.

You're my butterfly,
The Universe

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  1. Glad to help Sweetie and glad you had a great session today.

    I love your universe. Things happen for a reason hey!