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Friday, 6 March 2009

The G-Flux

Weight : 14.7% ~ 8.82/51.18 = 60.0 kg
Training : Legs + 25 min jog
Time : 1 hour 22 min ~ Calories : 573 ~ AHR : 124 bpm (70%)
Next target : 3 April : 11.8% ~ 6.80/50.8 = 57.6 kg

Feeling a lot better with the extra calories. I don't know if it will be enough to make me lose fat when added to my high calorie day, but I am happy to just take a pause at the moment.

Apparently some experts say that if you increase your calories and increase your energy expenditure you find it easier to lose fat. They call it G-Flux.

G-Flux is not about simply “eating more to boost metabolism”. Flux means flow and we’re talking about energy flow into and out of the body. So G-Flux covers both the intake and expenditure sides of the equation.

In essence, G-Flux is about exercising more so that you can eat more and all the while improve metabolism, lean mass and body fat %.

At this point, let’s get real practical. There are essentially 2 steps to increasing G-Flux:

Step 1 – Increase calorie expenditure through specific exercise strategies that include a mix of strength training, interval exercise, and low intensity exercise/cardio.

Step 2 – Increase calorie intake to
a) Match this energy expenditure if you want to maintain your weight yet improve your body comp
b) Fall just below energy expenditure if you want to lose weight while improving metabolism and lean mass
c) To exceed energy expenditure if you want to gain weight while improving body comp

G-Flux is pretty much that simple!

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