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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Walkin' the Knives Edge

Weight : 14.2% ~ 8.48/51.22 = 59.7 kg
Training : Shoulders
Time : 1 hour 8 min ~ Calories : 322 ~ AHR : 103 bpm (59%)
Next target : 3 April : 11.8% ~ 6.80/50.8 = 57.6 kg

Piss poor effort in the gym this morning. I didn't even break out a sweat. No energy again ...

Unplanned breakfast this morning with Mr Katie of salmon quiche and lentil salad. I was meant to be saving myself for dinner out tonight but couldn't resist.

I am off to buy some of these cute pocket scales today to keep in my handbag.

>Readout in grams, ounces, pennyweight or troy ounces
>Hand-held design
>protective display box
>Stainless steel platform included
>Measures up to 200g
>100g weight included for calibration
>Auto shut off function
>Low battery indicator
>2 x CR2032 Batteries included
>Unit Size 96(L) x 62(W) x 18(H) mm
>Weight 77 Grams

1 comment:

  1. These are AWESOME. I'm tempted.... but no.