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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Eating Consciously

It has been said that people on a diet spend their whole day thinking about food except for the time when they are actually eating and then they think about something else.

I know that I am guilty of shovelling my food in as fast as possible to try and stop feeling hungry. I am usually sitting in front of the computer (at home or at work) or in front of the TV when I eat.

I am working on improving this by slowing down. I ate my oats this morning with a teaspoon and waited until my mouth was completely empty before I took another mouthful. I didn’t do anything else but eat.

I have just finished my morning protein bar [My name is Katie and I am a protein bar addict …] and I ate it slowly and consciously. I didn’t keep working while I was eating [although I got a bit bored and started reading the wrapper at one point], and as I ate I tuned in to totally experiencing the taste and sensation of the delicious food. I also took the opportunity to tell my sub conscious “see, I am in charge here … I am giving you nourishment … there will always be enough food … there is no famine … I am not going to starve you … “

Why don’t you play along at home?

* Sit down at the table to eat without a book, laptop or TV to distract you.
* Put down your knife and fork between each bite.
* Chew each mouthful 20 times.
* Close your eyes and focus intently on the taste and texture of your food.
* Feel it filling your stomach and sending energy to your muscles and organs.
* See how long you can drag out one single meal.
* Remind yourself that you won’t ever starve because you eat more than enough healthy nourishing food every few hours [keep saying it even if you don't feel like it is 'enough'].
* Recognise the diminishing feeling of hunger and the increasing feeling of fullness.
* Finish eating before you are completely full and leave something on your plate [note: does not apply to people already on rations :)] to remind yourself that you are the one in charge.

Let me know if it makes a difference to the enjoyment and satiety of eating.


  1. Anonymous11:48 am

    There is a book written by a UK hypnotherapist Paul McKenna which explores exactly these concepts.
    I read it years ago and lost shit loads of weight just by doing that.

    It's what we should all be doing hey?

    Sorry I didn't get to see you at the weekend babe.
    See you when you come back for the comp though!
    S X

  2. I hear you hun, its funny I used to always savour and enjoy my coffee break but like meal times I now just bolt it down unthinkingly.
    As of today I am taking your advice and running with it :)
    Have a smashing day hun :)

  3. Hmmmm - I'm sitting at my computer eating my lunch whilst reading this however I am putting my fork down between mouthfuls,not filling it again until I've chewed and chewed and swallowed, and am feeling the tastes and textures.

    Oh, and thank God you added the bit about leaving something on your plate not applying - that's me!

    I'm sick of packing already - wish a fairy would come and do it for me.

  4. Great post Katie. Yeah...I'm as guilty as you. I seem to always have some sort of screen in front of me when I eat. Tried to change it but went back to bad habits in no time.

    Time to try again!