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Friday, 10 April 2009


It has been interesting making the decision not to stand on the scales multiple times a day. It has made me focus on eating well and training hard without any feedback from the scales.

I have noticed that no matter what the scales say, they mess with my already messed up head.

(1) LWE - Lowest Weight Ever
When I see a Lowest Weight Ever number I often move into binge/sabotage territory. I feel either frightened that I am losing lean body mass or I feel that I am doing so well that I can afford a few extra calories, carbs or junky treats. As mentioned before, I have negative motivation - I am motivated NOT to be fat so when I see concrete evidence that I am actually not fat anymore, I lose my drive and determination.

(2) WWD - Wrong Way Dickhead
When I gain weight on the scales for no particular reason, it completely depresses me for the whole day. I question my diet plan, my calorie range, my training strategy and my mental toughness. I am reminded that whatever I am doing isn't 'working' so I spin out of control futilely looking for an alternative plan that will deliver constant linear weight loss. I see cellulite on my arse and fat rolls inside my legs. I am often overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness.

So it would seem that I am f*cked no matter what number comes up on the scales every morning, afternoon and before bed. It is a relief to be free of the burden for a while.

But I am starting to get freaked out by what I see in the mirror ...


  1. Hi Katie,
    Gee I relate to this post. I go between the two as well - if I gain weight, then I'm in a crap mood for the day, if I lose then I'm feeling good, if I'm at an all time low, then it's hard to stay motivated. That really hit it for me.

    It's bad, huh. I'm trying to not let them get the better of me, and really admire you for taking a break from them for a bit. I don't know if I could just yet, the morbid curiosity tends to get to me.

    Have a lovely Easter,
    Carolyn xx

  2. Hi Sweetie

    Finally here after what seems like driving all day.

    And got access - yippee!

  3. Yep that is what I do. I am going to follow your lead and abandon daily weighing.

  4. I swear I could have written this post myself! I have been known to weigh myself multiple times a day and the number always seems to screw with my head (good bad or ugly). I also am going to follow your lead (baby steps) and ONLY weigh myself once in the morning. Good luck and know your committment definitely inspires me :)