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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Fear and Love

"The Actual Truth is that there is no such thing as fear. In fact, there is no such thing as any emotion, other than one. All the other expressions are re-packagings. There is only one emotion, one energy, in the universe: the energy, the emotion, that we call Love. When you know this, everything changes.

Now I know all this may sound a bit "airey-fairy" or "new agey" to you, but when you know why there is nothing but Love, everything will become clear and your life will feel ... can I use this word?... healed. Remember, experience is produced by emotion, so understanding that everything is a demonstration of the emotion called Love can alter your entire experience of life.

But how can change be a demonstration of Love? Didn't we just say, haven't we been saying for quite a while now, that fear is the emotion most people feel surrounding change—even change for the better? Am I seriously suggesting now that fear does not exist?

Yes, I am. That's exactly what I'm saying. Because (and here comes a wonderful revelation) ... fear is a demonstration of Love.

If you did not love yourself, you would not fear for yourself, you would not be afraid of anything, because you would not care what happened to you. You would not even care if you survived. The "survival instinct" is nature's way of expressing love.

If you did not love another, you would not fear for another, or be afraid of what might happen to that other, because you would not care what happened.

Simple, isn't it? And so we see with impeccable logic that Fear and Love are the same thing, expressed differently. Likewise, every other emotion is love in another form. There is only one emotion. That emotion is Love, expressed in a thousand different ways."

Neale Donald Walsch

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