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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Loving the Pushup Action

I had a great carb up yesterday concentrating my carb load pre- and post- training and then for the last meal of the day. I had cereal and oats in the morning and then a vege burger on turkish bread with oven fries for dinner followed by a apricot danish and ice cream.

Kept my calories and carbs lower than recommended because I am still thinking I need to compensate for the blow out earlier in the week.

Strangely though, I don't feel full of energy and enthusiasm like I usually do after a massive feed. Training was OK this morning, but I wasn't able to smash myself as much as I expected to.

It is wonderful to have Shelley staying and we have had a wonderful day. Training, eating, gossiping and then off to the Fitness Expo at Darling Harbour where we got show bags and caught up with Kerryn. I got some new training gear and some new 'little helpers' to try.

On the way home tonight I realised it is getting cold in Sydney now - I am not liking it at all when I have no meat on my bones!

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