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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Simple Ecstasy of Breathing

Better Bad Food

I am a figure athlete, only weeks away from competing, and I am very happy to still be eating 'bad' food.

I firmly believe that a calorie is just a calorie, and I can only achieve an ongoing calorie deficit if I eat food that I like.

So nearly every day I eat sugar free maple syrup, a low carb protein bar, low fat cheddar cheese, sugar free chocolate, fat reduced peanut butter, protein powder and sugar free ice-cream. I still sweeten my green tea with artificial sweetener and drink diet coke.

I can stand being hungry if I have delicious food to look forward to. No chicken and green veggies meal after meal for me.

When it come around to re-feed day, I don't crave sweets, cheese or chocolate, I have the carbs that I miss - oats, turkish bread, oven fries, pasta and WW sticky date pudding. Oh no, now I'm hungry again!

I have been on a 'diet' for 5 months and I am not sick of it yet. I love that the scales creep slowly down and my bones and muscles peek through a little more each and every day. I will not be feeling guilty for not eating mountains of broccoli any time soon.


  1. A girl of my own heart.

    The easier way to do it!

  2. I LOVE your thinking Katie. Yeah..on those nights I don't feel like cooking dinner, what am I going to eat? Chicken and Broccoli with flaxseed oil or choc protein powder mixed with natural peanut butter and splenda....ummmmm