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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday Sucks!

There is nothing good about carb depleted, calorie starving, dragging my arse, cold as a witch's tit Thursday except the very last bit before bed ...

when I ...
★ put 45g of real life cornflakes in a bowl ready for 0500h consumption
★ put 65g of oats to soak in water ready for 0800h consumption
★ put a fiver in my gym bag so I can buy a WW apple cinnamon muffin on the way home from the gym in the morning ready for 1100h consumption
★ defrost no less than 4 slices of wholemeal bread and make 2 slices into a chicken, mayo and cheese sandwich ready for grilling and 1300h consumption (the other 2 ready to make into a burger for dinner)
★ put a protein bar in my bag ready for 1600h consumption
★ defrost a lentil burger and check on supplies for the evening meal - potato wedges, lettuce, mushrooms, beetroot, bbq sauce, sticky date pudding, skinny cow and a caramello koala

Then I toddle off to bed early feeling like it's Christmas Eve - "While visions of sugar carb fairies dance in my head ..."


  1. Witches tit.... lol, thats hilarious, ha ha

  2. Wow thats an impressive consumption you get to enjoy there Miss Katie. I'm jealous ... but not of the carb depleted, calorie starving, dragging my arse, cold as witch's tits aspect.

    Thanks for the welcome back to blogland too


  3. That is so funny and so true! I can't WAIT till breakfast when I go low carb, it's the best meal of the day!

  4. Your plan is so well thought out and calculated. May I ask how you came up with it? I am really struggling to find the approriate amount for calories for me to lean out (about 10 pounds), for sheer vanity not a contest though. Any suggestions as to how I could figure this out?

    And how many carbs to do you consume on your depletion days out of curiousity? I feel week when I eat under 100 grams sometimes!

  5. So...did the sugar carb fairy sprinkle happy dust on you overnight?

  6. wow, our tastebuds are on the same page with dessert there! last week I had a ww stickydate pudding w some icecream and a caramello koala- I call it homemade better than cold rock :)