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Friday, 1 May 2009

UD 2.0 Week Two Results

Weight is creeping down - not as impressive as last week but I am not particularly concerned.

Cornflakes and oats have been eaten and all is right with the world. This is my last full carb up until after the competition. I am skipping next weeks refuel day and going low carb straight through to Thursday the week after [10 days] when I only have a 250g carb intake [as opposed to 400g] - wish me luck!

Is anyone else having trouble with Calorie King today??


  1. Hey Katie

    Yep me too, having big time trouble with CK. It doesnt even measure steak

  2. The food database has clearly had a cerebral embolism or something. It seems to have forgotten what rice, spinach, coffee or chicken are. Perhaps it's developed Alzheimer's?

    I'm trying NOT to take that as a sign that I can eat anything I damn well like, because hey, I can't measure it anyway...

  3. Yes and it's pissing me off - I can't even find apple!! Arrrggh