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Thursday, 23 April 2009

You Know You are Lean When ...

- your belt is done up on the final hole
- all of your trousers are baggy in the bum
- you have to take your bra off as soon as you get home because the wire digs in to your rib cage
- your shoes are too big
- your undies fall off
- you can take your favourite jeans off without undoing them
- you have a hole between your breasts
- you have a corrugated d├ęcolletage
- your rings fall off
- people who haven’t seen you for two weeks start their first sentence with “Oh My God …”
- your Polar chest strap needs tightening every couple of days
- your afternoon weight is sometimes less than first thing that morning
- you can see your abs without flexing
- you keep finding veins in new places
- you can’t clip your Blackberry on your belt because it digs into your hip bone
- your fitted T-shirts aren’t fitted any more
- there is an indentation the length of your backbone
- the skin inside your elbows is wrinkly
- your 6mm navel ring is too big
- gourmet cat food smells appetising
- when you sit down your stomach curves in instead of out
- your butt cheeks don’t meet
- you can’t stop posing in the mirror



  1. Oh i wish i had just one or two of these symptoms ~ one day!

  2. Izzy better watch out! She might be the one to go hungry tonight (lol).

  3. Funny Katie, great read!

    Shar x

  4. Why does nobody tell you about wrinkly elbow skin? And the butt cheek gap thing?

    I'll just enjoy my non-wrinkly elbows for a few more months. ;o)

  5. Anonymous4:53 pm

    HAHAHAHA you are a classic! Hope to see you next week - have missed you this week!!!!! xxx

  6. Aww the nostalgia! You missed
    The discomfort of sitting on slatted benches/seats.

  7. Love it Katie - just let us know if you start eating the cat food!!! xx

  8. Oh I miss it all!!

    I also got, discomfort when sleeping at night cos there was no fat on my hips and the stuck into the mattress.

  9. And you forgot wearing a jacket when the sun is shining cause you're so friggin' cold.