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Sunday, 24 May 2009


I have been re-thinking my nutrition and exercise plan and why I have a bit of difficulty with sticking to my calories on re-feed days. I think the problem is that 4 days at low carb with high intensity training is a bit too exhausting and the high carb day involves too much sugar all at once (my dinner). I also need to try a different strategy to try and curb my hunger - I am increasing my meal frequency.

So I am going to combine the principals of UD 2.0 and BFFM together to make the Ultimate Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Diet 2.0 [UBFFMD 2.0]
Low Carb Days - M, T, W, F, S = 1600 calories
Carbs will be increased to 100-120g per day with sugar staying under 50g.
Meal frequency will be 7 meals 2 hours apart at
Macros P - 45%/C - 30%/F - 25%
High Carb Days - Th, Sun = 2000 calories
Carbs maximum 250g with sugar staying under 100g spaced out during the day.
Same meal frequency.
Macros P - 30%/C - 50%/F - 20%

Average calories intake :: 1714 calories

M - carb loaded - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs + interval cardio
T - interval cardio
W - rest or low intensity cardio/yoga
Th - pre-carb load - Full body + SS cardio
F - carb loaded - Legs, Back, Biceps + interval cardio
S - rest
Sun - pre-carb load - Full body + SS cardio

Calorie burn target :: 3,000

I am not carb loading today because I need to finish off this week with the correct daily calorie average to determine if it is too high/low.

I have also re-stocked my supplements because I had run out and wasn't taking them. My cocktail includes a multi-vitamin with additional magnesium, C, and chromium.

I am off to the Gold Coast this afternoon to attend a conference on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I had better get my arse into gear and start packing!

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