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Monday, 25 May 2009

Hello From the Gold Coast

As I got all my things ready yesterday for my short trip away from home, it occurred to me that I should share with you some hints to make travelling easier.

Pack your food
Although my husband always jokes that they musn't have supermarkets wherever I'm going, I always take food with me. I devote a whole carry on wheelie bag to my food which includes protein powder, sugar free maple syrup, psyllium husk, mountain wraps, soy pasta, protein bars and low fat peanut butter. Put the protein powder in a smaller container - don't lug around the 3kg tub! This time I even prepared tiny containers with 2 x egg whites in each so I didn't have to find a shop before breakfast tomorrow.

Pack containers
Make sure that you take plastic containers, sandwich bags and aluminium foil with you. When you need to take your own food to your conference, or day away from home, you will have something to put it in.

Put your airplane meal(s) in your handbag
Take your own meal(s) with you for the flight. Pack some plastic cutlery to eat with, and instead of paying for a cup of tea, take your own tea bag and ask for a cup of hot water.

Bring your scales (food and body)
Unless you want to spend days prior to going away measuring and bagging all your supplies, bring your food scales with you. Having your body weight scales will ensure that you continue to weigh in daily and can monitor what damage you have or haven't done during your time away.

Buy a 7 day pill dispenser (0r 2)
Instead of taking all your pill bottles, buy 2 x 7 day pill dispensers for your morning and night tablets.

Pack your training gear
Make sure you take your joggers, 2 x pairs knickers for each day (one will get sweaty during training), your heart rate monitor and your workout gear. Even if you aren't planning to work out, take it anyway, just in case you feel inspired to run on the beach as the sun comes up. Don't forget your swimmers for a dip in the pool or a steam room session.

Don't stay at a hotel
Find a serviced apartment instead of a hotel because you will have a full sized fridge, microwave, kettle, stove and oven with cooking utensils. [Note to self : next time remember the spray oil]. Try to be as close as possible to your conference centre so you can sneak home for lunch. Make sure the apartment complex has a gym - even if it is just a pathetic weights multi station and an ancient treadmill, it is better than nothing.

Stay Connected
If you rely on the internet for logging your food, blogging and tracking your progress then take a laptop and make sure you have access to the internet.

Do you have any other tips for keeping up your healthy eating and fitness lifestyle while you are away from home??

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  1. Make sure you book checked in (not carry on) luggage to take all your shit.

    Morning honey