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Sunday, 31 May 2009

As If By Magic

If you could wave a magic wand and make one thing you eat contain zero calories from now on, what would it be?

What food do you wish had zero calories? If it did would you include it in your diet? What about the ill effects of the saturated fat, sodium, and nutrient stripping sugar? Would you still eat 'junk' if it didn't pack on the pounds?

What does your favourite 'naughty' food say about you?

I would like to hazard a guess that those who chose the carby things to make calorie free - oats, jelly beans and muesli probably do well on low fat higher carb diets and love to go on long runs. The cheese, chocolate, icecream and chippy brigade are more likely to prefer low carb eating with lots of fat, and would prefer strength training to cardio.

Michelle - the chocolate milk has me stumped but I am leaning towards carbs being your preference.

I could be wrong - responders let me know!


  1. Haha you got me picked Katie! I am a chocolate and ice cream junkie...and a weights girl through and through. If someone told me I never had to do cardio again I would be extremely likely to kiss their feet!!


  2. Katie, love the theory there, and its funny cause the body loves the endurance type sports, but at the same time loves X 2 the weight training. What my body does not like is carbs in any way shape or form

    Love the question though, thanks Katie


  3. Vicki - funny how some girls love to run and others don't - I'm with you - I don't like doing cardio, just how it makes me feel afterwards

    Tanja - you are the only person who picked something 'healthy' with oats - I am a low carb girl too, but damn I love oats and protein powder.

  4. Lol, Katie.... I could eat them all day, there is seriously nothing more I love..... I remember after my first comp, the only thing I had in the house was oats (lots of oats mind you... ) I think I ate the whole lot (not feeling great the next day .... but god it was yummy)....

    Those noodles by the way ... are the BOMB !!!

    Luvin the blog mate, keep it up :-)