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Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Spirit is Willing But The Flesh is Weak

No 'smashing' was achieved in the gym this morning due to a dodgy shoulder. I went to pick up a pair of 12.5kg weights for my chest press and felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder. As the session progressed the pain got worse traveling all the way down my arm. I lightened my weights and went carefully but by the end of the weight session I was feeling quite nauseous from the pain. I couldn't muster up the courage to do cardio and came home early.

With the thought of only 2 weeks left before I step on stage I almost chose to ignore the pain and keep pushing. But lucky for me I have a clear set of written guidelines that remind me that my project outcome [goal] is to stay at my happy weight, to have passion for life, energy to train and to treat my body with respect. Throwing caution to the wind and risking even more damage just so I am 'stage ready' is not compatible with my plan. It's long term sustainable success rather than a brief shining moment in the spotlight.

On the flip side, I briefly considered numbing my pain and frustration with the best anesthetic of all - fatty, carby, junk food. This time the thought of standing on stage in a skimpy bikini in two weeks time definitely helped me reconsider that ill conceived plan. Instead I shall treat my pain with a hot shower, some anti inflammatory gel and perhaps a massage later.

Um ... OOOWWWWWW! ... bugger :(


  1. Bugger. Hope you have a speedy recovery Katie :)

  2. Anonymous2:07 pm

    hmmmm has harry been playing up? lil asshole!!!
    Rest that injury girl - the finish line is so clear now!!

  3. Dont let the niggle hinder your progress are two weeks away and maintenence is the key now. Watch the diet and you will look superb on that stage!