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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

UD 2.0 Week 4 Weigh In [Early for Comp Prep]

This week's weigh in is early (normally Friday morning) because I needed to carb load today in order to get into peak condition for Sunday (it takes me 4 days to tighten up after extra carbs). I must admit I had to step on and off the scales a few times this morning to believe the number. No complaints - just excitement.

I was tempted to forgo today's re-feed for some more spectacular scale losses, but then I remembered how crappy I felt and reminded myself that I wasn't chasing some number but trying to look and feel my best on Sunday. Strict low carb dieting all the way to the end would have left me flat, stringy, tired and miserable. No thanks!

So I have partaken of gorgeous carby goodness and I feel alive again.

It is lovely to be staying with Shelley, away from the cold and mundane routine of Sydney. Coming to Brisbane always feels like a wonderful holiday. It is such a joy to have her support and comraderie at the 'pointy end'.

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