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Monday, 15 June 2009

Am I a Control Freak?

I have always thought that the way to ensure that I keep my dream body is to always be in control. I have recently discovered that control is an external force that is often taken away from me.

I cannot control the fact that I am sick. I am too sick to go to the gym.

I cannot control the fact that I am sometimes overwhelmed by the urge to eat large quantities of less than healthy food. I cannot control the fact that eating this way makes me feel warm, full and satisfied.

I cannot control the fact that I am who I am, and the things that I want are often in direct conflict with each other - I want to stay lean and in the best shape of my life, but I also want to eat like a 'normal' person.

I have realised that if I strive to control my life, I will be frustrated, disappointed and involved in a constant, relentless war.

Instead, I am taking back my power. My power is always in my hands. I can give my power away, and I can reclaim it, but no one can take it away from me without my permission.

I have the power to accept that I can't train for a few days and use it as an opportunity to rest and nurture myself. I have the power to choose to make the best food choices I possibly can in spite of the fact I am sick.

I have the power to accept that for whatever reason, sometimes I crave food that will deprive me of the body I have chosen to inhabit. I am not weak or flawed because I am tempted.

I have the power to decide to walk a path that is challenging and sometimes brutally difficult. I can overcome whatever obstacle is in my way because I have done it before.

I have made mistakes, and I will again, but I will never be powerless. I will always get up again, every single time I fall.

I will no longer be a victim of circumstances I cannot control. I am empowered to think and behave in whatever way I choose because of, and in spite of, my present situation.

I am, from this day forward, reclaiming my unlimited, inexhaustible personal power that will propel me towards more and more moments of victory, accomplishment and confidence.

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  1. Thank you for's exactly what I am all about too.