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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Take Your Finger off the Trigger

I am still having challenges with the days I have a treat/free meal as it sets me off on a quest to eat all the things I can't/choose not to eat during the rest of the week.

Interestingly, I don't overeat chocolate or icecream on my higher calorie days because I have it every day of the week.

I have now started incorporating my 'trigger' foods into my daily eating plan to de-sensitize me to their effects. I have swapped out my oat wrap for real bread [Wonder Performance Wholegrain which has 9.5g protein in 2 slices] and I am having a small packet (45g) of red rock deli honey soy chips every night. Both of these yummy treats have a low sugar content to prevent sugar overdose!


  1. Hi Katie,
    Does it really work to have some ice cream and chips every day to desensitize, because once I taste it during PMS-it turns out into a binge- a food frenzy state of mind.
    Thanks for sharing, I love your blog-you know exactly what I think sometimes and it helps me feel better.

  2. @Cathy - I guess it depends on what sets you off - in my case anything with real sugar and not much fat so most lollies and desserts are out for good. I stick to the 'fake' ones [which are just as good to me] and I am fine.

    With the chips and bread, they are the things that I overeat so having some everyday makes me not want them so badly. In fact, in two days I am just about over the chips and looking for something else savoury and greasy ... sausage rolls might be next!!