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Friday, 26 June 2009

Best Wheat/Sugar Free Protein No-Bake Cheesecake Ever




Makes 5 individual servings (208 calories per serve).

The 25g of Ladybird crunch forms the base. Pour it on it's own evenly between 5 large cupcake papers inside a large sized muffin tray.

In the blender put in 50g cream, 35g vanilla Redbak SPI (this is SOY protein powder - I tried it with whey and it wasn't the right texture), 250g philly, 6g splenda and 1/4 cup water (don't forget the water or it will be too thick). Add any flavour you want (lemon/vanilla essence - I didn't add anything). Blend until it is all mixed and smooth.

Pour the creamy mixture evenly between 5 cupcake/large muffin tray.

Refrigerate overnight. Pull the paper carefully off and tip any loose bits of LB crunch on the top. Lick the cupcake paper. Put a thin scraping of diet jam or maple syrup on top (or leave it plain), add 1/2 Skinny Cow on the side and have a food orgasm for roughly 250 calories. It would be even less calories if you go 80% Philly but I think the high fat is what makes it taste so good and fills you up. I will never eat a store bought sugar laden cheesecake again.



  1. Wish I had Lady Bird here in the US. Wonder what else would work??

  2. @Trixie - you could try fiber one cereal if you can eat wheat or maybe some ground up nuts on the bottom. It would be fine without anything at all except probably harder to get out of the paper cup.

  3. Thanks, I do have a high fiber cereal I could use. BTW: You mention not using whey protein right??

  4. Soy protein is more like flour in that it dissolves with moisture and holds it all together. Whey protein doesn't really do that as well. If you use whey, you don't need the water.

    I tried it both ways and preferred the texture with soy but it might not bother you at all. Just experiment - your brand of whey might work just as well.

  5. Hey Katie,
    You have just officially earned yourself the title of Friday's Goddess! How delish does this stuff sound!
    I can't wait to try it :)


  6. Hmm,thanks didn't know that about soy powder (acting more like flour)..thank you!

  7. 1 orgasm a day for the next 3 days + yesterday a "sure thing".