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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Recovery Update

My weight is going down every day and I am no longer consumed by persistent hunger.

It doesn't make any sense - if we believe the calories in vs calories out propaganda then I am having 600 calories more a day than I normally do (the amount I burn in exercise). I should be gaining or at least staying the same.

I could be burning up all my muscle and stacking on the fat, but I don't think so. I look leaner, I feel amazing and it is nothing short of a miracle.

When I get back to the gym [which I will because I want to keep my muscles] I am not going to be burning 600 calories and staying there for an hour and a half that's for sure. I'm going to sleep past 5am, get up later - do 30 minutes lifting or cardio (not both) and then add the calories I burn on to my base line calorie level [I'll start at 1600 calories and slowly increase if I continue to shrink]. 1600 is plenty if I'm not h.u.n.g.r.y 24 hours a day.

It makes me ponder on the times I have lost fat - those time when I have cut back on training because I have been too exhausted to 'smash' myself.

Something might be better than nothing, but nothing appears to be better than too much! I guess it all comes down to 'moderation' again - extreme anything does more harm than good.

If I can maintain my weight while being rested, fed and un'smashed'- I will have died and gone to heaven.


  1. Hey Miss K,
    Just maybe you have found balance in your life? sounds good huh?
    PS:Still always reading but as always lazy with the comments.

  2. Sounds like your body is rewarding you for enabling it a full healing and rejuvenation. Wonderful!

  3. that is awesome. it truly means your body needed that rest and you are giving it exactly what it wants. I guess it is true that Less is More.

  4. Definately with you on that statement Katie, too much is not the way.

    Glad your feeling better

  5. @Cheryl - glad you are still around sweetie. Balance is such an elusive thing but I'm getting there.

    @Frankie - rest is the best!

    @Nerd Girl - listening to our bodies is one of the hardest things to do but I guess it pays off.

    @Shar - Too much is indeed too much - thanks for the warm wishes

  6. Funny, I too have been playing around with my calorie level. Last week did a stick bout of 1400-1500 daily..this week back to body feels much better you said no craving etc. I think this is a good number for me. Just enough room for some goodies after dinner. My new favorite is a chocolate mousse recipe I make with ricotta for under 150 calories!