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Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Ultimate Fat Loss Pill

You often hear people say or blog about how they spent their holiday eating more than they normally would without worrying about it, and came home lighter than when they left.

Some other people swear that if you stop losing weight on a low calorie diet, you should increase your calories and your weight will start dropping again.

And I have heard of figure competitors who stop controlling their food intake only to find that they are getting leaner without any effort.

It could be that these people have accidentally been taking the ultimate fat loss pill - enjoyment.

I seem to have stumbled upon this miracle cure myself. I no longer have any stress around what I eat, or how much I eat because I am eating the most I ever have (with respect and restraint). I don't worry that I'm having slightly smaller meals today to allow a restaurant meal tonight, because I can eat more tomorrow or the next day. I don't fret if I eat slightly more or less than I 'should'. The feelings of pressure have evaporated.

Whether it is hormonal [cortisol] or psychological [the placebo effect - this pill will cure me so I don't have to worry any more] is unknown, but I do know that when all the angst, stress, and combat are reduced or removed, then the fat seems to slip away all by itself.

Leaving me with another dilemma - I have to eat even more now to ensure I don't fade away entirely. Wow - what a fantastic problem to have.


  1. Hi Katie,
    I totally get what your saying, this is where I am at as well. I know im going to get where I need to be in order to compete. Some people will have their opinion on how I look but I try not to give a shit! as long as im honest with myself and do what I can then Im happy.

    Great post! we all need to elimainate the "diet stress" and just let you body do the rest, it will happen without you killing yourself for it.

  2. Strange isn't it?

    The less we worry the more we lose. I'm loving the problem of having to eat more!

    Have a great day gorgeous and enjoy your burger and dirty date with Mr Katie tonight.