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Friday, 12 June 2009

Where do the Mystery Calories come from?

Yesterday's Calorie King said:

73.5g fat @ 9 cal/g = 661.5
190.1 + 59.8 (p/c) = 249.9 @ 4 cal/g = 999.6
Total calories = 1661.1

Yet the Calorie King total for the day is 1742 - where do the extra 80.9 calories come from? air? water? ash? fibre? magic fairy dust?

I want my 80 calories back so I can EAT them!

Doesn't make any sense unless the 4g/9g thing is wrong????? Any ideas??


  1. No idea Katie, but I'd be wanting those 80 Cals back too!

    Everything I've read says "approximately" 9 cals/4 cals per gram, so perhaps there's actually a decimal in there somewhere?

  2. That's a really good point - I have never checked it out on my daily totals to see if it adds up too. Hmmm gonna go have a look-see on my last few days!!

    Maybe Kek is right - but even still, 80 is a pretty big discrepancy for a decimal place?

  3. The actual macro values are

    carbs 4.3g
    fat 9.45
    protein 5.65

    but the body can't absorb 100% of those so scientists rounded them down to 4/9/4 but it's never exact.

    80 cals is a rather big error though. Only thing I can think of is alcohol counted as cals but not as a macro?

  4. alcohol being 7cals per gram

  5. @Kek - Frankie came up with the actual numbers but they don't work either.

    @Vicki - was yours out too?

    @Frankie - thanks for the scientific data but those numbers make it add up to over 2,000! and NO there was no alcohol involved. I am one of those weirdos who would rather drink diet coke than spirits/beer/wine. I'd rather have dessert than a drink!