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Friday, 12 June 2009

Where do the Mystery Calories come from? Part II

Thanks to your comments I think I have it roughly worked out (see Part I).

Calorie King does indeed add a decimal so fat is approximately 9.5 calories per gram, and protein and carbs approximately 4.2 calories per gram. It is not exactly precise or even remotely consistent because I can get today's to work out almost exactly but yesterday is still a fair bit out. I tried all sorts of permutations and then my brain exploded so I gave up.

You either trust that CK is accurate or decide not to care.

I have decided -- not to care -- but I am very sad that I get even less fat for my calorie spend because I am the fatty fat fatty fatness queen of eating fat [mmmm peanut butter, whole eggs, chicken thighs and red meat ... ]

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  1. You forgot walnuts. And almonds. And pecans. And olive oil. And coconut oil. And... *drools*