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Thursday, 30 July 2009

100 Day Challenge - Four More Members

The Skinny Bones 100 Day Challenge is the talk of the blogosphere! Today we have 4 new lovely ladies signed up. Please welcome ...

Liimu said...Is it too late to join the challenge? I would love to lose 20 lbs in 100 days - to get to my goal of being under 150 pounds (currently 166.5).
Can I join? [of course - KatieP]

Donna said...Hi Katie
Have just recently started my blog & i have just this week started my own little challenge, What you have set up is fantastic & I would love to join your 100 day challenge.

Chunkmonkey (Jenna) said...Hi Katie,
I just sent you an email-I love this idea for a challenge and would love to join! Thank you for thinking of this.

Trudi said...Katie P has a 100 day challenge going and I am doing my bit also.
100 days without toast
100 days drinking 2 litres of water
100 days of giving my kids more hugs
100 days of finding a quiet moment in the day to do NOTHING...just be quiet

Phew! Now I've lost count of how many people there are - over 20! Everyone who has a blog is on the blogroll on the sidebar.

I keep running out of hours in the day to get all my goals achieved and keep up with you lot! Never mind, I'll just remove the "get enough sleep" goal and I'll be good.

Today is half way through Phase One if you started on Sunday - how are you going? What are you most proud of these past 5 days?

I am proud that I have stayed on plan and been relatively nice even though I have raging PMT and I wish you would all bugger off and leave me alone I could just hide away from the entire world until my fucked body decides what it is doing. I read somewhere that women would lose weight as quickly as men if it wasn't for our freakin' hormones.

That reminds me of an old joke ... How do you make a hormone [whore moan]?
Nah ... someone else has to post the punch line ... I'm trying to be nice.


  1. You're doing great chicken!!

    Take care of you.

  2. Thanks Miss Shelley (and so are you) x

  3. Love your work, Katie!!!!

  4. Thank you Essie ♥