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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Bits & Pieces

New Team Members
Miss J...Hi Katie,
Would love to join your 100 day challenge, I think it's just the thing I need when getting back on top of everything, after letting it slide!

I haven't updated my blog in ages, but will do so in the next couple of days... is it ok to copy and paste the 100 day challenge logo on my blog [of course ..K].

I started as of Saturday, not sure when I finish, will work it out today...

Rachael P...Hi Katie,
Found your blog through Frankies and I would love to join the 100 day challenge. Frankie and I started a few days apart so I am at day 9 as of today. Your blog is absolutely fantastic.

Kristy...I'm in, 100 days of drinking 3L of water or more...

I knew I wasn't normal!
I got a wonderful (???) comment from Mr Anonymous on my blog today:
"I think you looked more normal in the before photos to be honest. "
Lucky I am not interested in being normal - I'm SUPERnormal!!

Peanut Butter and Chicken Thighs
I could eat them all day [and I am] --YUM

Why I am Shitty?
I forgot about my period -- I think it is PMT

They aren't Natural
It breaks my heart to see girls striving to look like figure competitors who are clearly on the 'juice'. It is impossible to look like that without pharmaceutical help. Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the drugs?

Time for Revision
I have too many goals, some of them that I am not committed to -- eating at the table just makes me rush because I want to finish and get on the computer and drinking gallons of water just pisses me off (pun intended). The beauty of no rules is I'm dropping these goals. Feel free to change your minds ladies.

There are Worse Things than Fat
After my latest binge (on Saturday) I experienced my legs swelling up. This has never happened to me before except on long haul flights. My ankles disappeared. It was probably the fault of some 'harmless' corn chips with MSG and artificial flavoring, the only thing I haven't eaten in years.

Whatever the cause, it was painful and frightening. It made me realise that some food can be poisonous. Having no ankles, swollen painful knees and stretched skin is worse than plain old fat.

My Scales
... are broken. The batteries leaked and corroded inside. Lucky I have 2 others to choose from. I am still determined not to weigh myself until Day 90.

Getting it Done
In case you are keeping up with my calorie intake, you may be alarmed to see that my calories and carbs are severely low. I wouldn't recommend this strategy to everyone but I want to get back to my happy weight as quickly as possible. This is not 'practicing on the way down' -- this is getting it done and will only be for 10 days (of which I've already completed 3).

New Article
I stayed up past my bedtime but I got a new article published.
Are You Ready to Become a Figure Athlete? Take This Quiz

The End.


  1. to me being normal is like being in a cage half your size. you can't do ANYTHING fun, exciting. Normal people will never experience the thrills that us odd balls do :) Thank god for not being normal.

  2. Now I feel normal! I HATE shoving litres of water down my throat as well, coincidently just wrote about that on my blog before visitng yours!!! Es

  3. @Nerd Girl - I love being an oddball and feel blessed that I am
    @Essie - water = blah