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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

100 Day Challenge - Bonus Bones

If you complete the bonus tasks before the end of Phase One (Day 90) you can have 1 badge for each task. Add them to your blog, stick them on your calendar, ignore me entirely. Copy and paste to your heart's content.


  1. Just a suggestion - could we possibly make a '100 day challenge team blog' - where we are all members and are able to make posts. Purely for the purpose of encouraging each other and leaving positive feedback. It might be an easier way of keepingup with all the people who are participating.

  2. Great idea Andj!
    I was just wanting to ask if the list on the side is everyone taking part, everyone in the team? then I was gonna make my own list etc to ensure I got around to everyone.
    But a sep blog would be cool?

  3. @Andrea and @Shar
    You wish is my command ladies - enjoy ♥