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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Goal Tracker - Joes Goals

I have blogged about this simple goal tracker a long time ago but here is a reminder. Joe's Goals is a free online program that let's you set up daily goals online and then tick them off.

One of the good things is you can choose to have the goal only on some days (see training) and you can give things multiple ticks (write one article will have two ticks today).

Pretty handy for the 100 day challenge and the easiest way to get a bonus bone don't you think?


  1. Hi Katie,

    Found your blog through Frankies and I would love to join the 100 day challenge. Frankie and I started a few days apart so I am at day 9 as of today. Your blog is absolutley fantastic.


  2. Hi Rachael - you're in honey - thanks for joining us.

  3. oooh... I like this tool. Thanks!

  4. I'm in, 100 days of drinking 3L of water or more...

  5. got my badge, thats a cool tracker thanks :)

  6. Great tracker, Katie, now if only I could get the countdown widget on my blog!

  7. @Esme - did you try clicking the "Get this Widget" link underneath it?
    I'll see if I can email the code because it won't let me do it here. Then you paste it into a html widget in layout.

  8. @Frankie - you're welcome
    @Kristy - you are doing great!
    @Tearose - I'm glad you like it
    @Esme - great to see you got it all figured out

  9. harry1:44 am

    Thanks Katie.

    For tracking goals, you may want to check out, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and supports time tracking too. It's clear, focused, easy to navigate, worth a try.

  10. Hi Harry
    I tried following the link (always interesting in on line gadgets) but I got a broken link. Did you want to check that it is right?