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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Two New Team Members - 100 Day Challenge

Please welcome Andrea...Hi Katie - Count me in too!
I need to get my act together and this is a great idea - especially leading into summer.

and Lisa Jane...I'm in too. I am aiming to write 100 blog posts in 100 days and to drink litres of water a day. [psst...your blog link isn't working at the moment LJ]

Good luck ladies.


Day 99 was tough. 12 hours at work which I am disliking more and more by the minute.

I always seem so cranky, edgy and kind of raw when I am in a calorie deficit. It makes me wonder if I am withdrawing from sugar/carbs/sodium/whatever, or if a plummeting mood is a real biological result of not getting enough food. For whatever reason, eating more food makes the irritation subside, and makes me feel more emotionally even.

Is this a chemical thing in my brain? or a learned response that can be unlearned? Is this the true definition of comfort eating? Am I a classic carbohydrate addict?

Maybe my life is annoying and frustrating and I can only block out those uncomfortable feelings when I eat? Which is my true state and which is the one that is altered by the amount of food I eat?

The problem is that I haven't found the middle path. It is starve or binge, under or over eat. I don't even know what it is like to go for a week without being in a deficit or a surplus so I can't tell you how that makes me feel.

It is all very confusing. I don't have any answers today, just questions. Just thinking out loud.


  1. You took the words right out of my mouth Katie..I am so confused and consumed sometimes with all this "food/diet" sometimes but I always go back to trying to improve my health. It's like my heart and soul love to eat but then my body gets fat and tired and then my brain keeps telling me to who's the boss?
    Anyways ..we are not machines we just do our best and never give up!

  2. @Cathy
    It's like my heart and soul love to eat but then my body gets fat and tired and then my brain keeps telling me to stop...
    Exactly! Thank you.

  3. Hi Katie,

    Would love to join your 100 day challenge,i think it's just the thing i need when getting back on top of everything, after letting it slide!

    i haven't updated my blog in ages, but will do so in the next couple of days... is it ok to copy and paste the 100 day challenge logo on my blog.

    I started as of saturday, not sure when i finish, will work it out today...


  4. @Jac
    Of course you can join and the challenge logo is for everyone to use. I'll add your blog to the blogroll now.