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Monday, 27 July 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 99 - Phase One

Yesterday was a good day with training, blogging, writing and eating well.

I won't be able to write an article today because I have to stay late at work (unless I get time to sneak something in while I'm there) but I will catch up Tuesday when I will write 2. It is a walking only day so I'll have a bit of extra time tomorrow morning before work.

Sandra has joined the challenge ...Hey Katie,
I'm in!
Using this as a trial run to decide whether or not Figure Comps are something I would do.
Plan is to give it 100% for 100 days and checkout the results.
Will post detailed goals as/if I come up with them.

I think that is a brilliant idea.

Also welcome CathyC ...Hi again, I forgot to mention my "challenge":
I am starting HRT-progesterone cream for the next 2 months tomorrow and in order for me to feel better...
1-I need to relax and not "stress" and keep a balanced diet of moderate carbs,low fat and clean snacks. Avoid excess sugar except for PMS-will use my 10 skinny bones-love that!
2-keep fit-strength training 4 times a week
I need your encouragement ladies!!

Sometimes thinking in terms of big number (100 days) is a bit overwhelming so I am going to break it down for everyone into blocks of 10 days (Phases). I also think that is a good chunk of time to leave between weigh ins if that is what you are doing.

So for Phase One, the bonus tasks* are :

(1) Set up a way to record your progress. It can be as simple as stars on a calendar or as complex as one of my convoluted spreadsheets. Put a line at the end of your 10 days and aim for 10 great days in a row -- 10 stars, 10 ticks, 10 skinny bones still in your bank.

(2) In the next 10 day period you need to leave a single comment on each of your fellow team members' blogs (just one comment for each person across the whole of Phase 1 - not one every single day) . If they don't have a blog, you can leave it on my blog so they get to see it.

Bonus bones are up for grabs -- now I need to go and make an appropriate picture ...

Have a great day -- I bet you are already kicking arse!!

*bonus tasks are completely optional


  1. I said I was in but what do I have to do again??

  2. Just come up with some behavioural goals and hit them every day for the next 100 days. Could just be one thing like no bingeing for the next 100 days. Entirely up to you.

  3. Hi Katie - Count me in too!
    I need to get my act together and this is a great idea - especally leadng into summer.


  4. I really want to commit to this however, the all or nothing me is freaking about it. I am doing ok right now, actually better than that I am doing great and I am scared to mess with that.

    I am cheering you all on though.

  5. Ok well I worked out I'm actually 10 days ahead of everyone as I started on 17 July. But that's cool as it means I'm just going in to my second 10 day block today. I'll just slot myself in here....

  6. I'm in too. I am aiming to write 100 blog posts in 100 days and to drink litres of water a day.



  7. Nice work Miss K

  8. I'm in - I can use Joe's Goals to track my progress and am happy to shout out to everyone - is there a list somwhere of everyone who's on the challenge?

  9. @Andrea - you have been doing fantastic this week - well done
    @Cherub - if it ain't broke don't fix it. We need a cheer squad though so thanks
    @Frankie - you inspired me to start all this so thanks
    @LJ - welcome aboard
    @Liz - thanks buddy
    @Liimu - the blog roll is on the blog page now