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Sunday, 26 July 2009

100 Day Challenge - **Very Important Update**

As a sufferer of AONS [All or Nothing Syndrome] I have been worrying that if I make a mistake in the next 100 days and miss one of my goals, then I will feel like I've failed the entire challenge and say 'who cares anyway!'

So as the self elected Chairman of 100 Day Challenge, I've created the one and only rule - you are allowed to f*ck up. In fact, for fellow AONS sufferers, it is actively encouraged because a single f*ck up is now not an excuse to give up for the rest of the day/week/challenge.

We will operate on the 10% rule and to make it simple, everyone gets 10 skinny bones to put in their bank. On the occasions that you fail miserable with ONE of your behaviours (not the whole damn day!) you lose one of your skinny bones. You have make an application to the rest of the team to convince us that you really did f*ck up because we are all a bit too hard on ourselves. If you have at least one (1) skinny bone left by the end of the challenge, then you have succeeded.

Of course if you want to be competitive, you could try to have more than anyone else at the end ...

And who knows, there could be special missions along the way that you can complete to earn back the lost bones ...

Here is your 10 skinny bones badge.


  1. Awesome idea! Yep, that's an important one! If we 'slip up' it's not an excuse to QUIT!, we've got to move on!

  2. omg LOVE that! My name is tea, and I am an AON lololol. Ehe.. I have a confession... I was all thinking it started tomorrow.. (was thinking you were in US... cuz I'm a ditz) and was like ooh! I could have some M&Ms tonight since their not on the R&D list.. then I was like wait shes in Australia... Doh! Starts today! Don't worry I didn't eat them :P Still fighting the cravings :s

  3. @TR - the trick is, if you really, really want them, is to put them into your plan. You could revise your goal to say - "I will follow my trainers plan without cheats but I will allow myself a 200 calorie treat once a week" and then eat the M&Ms with a clear conscience.

    I have to have a treat every day and I continued to do so right up to the last week before comp without any damage.

    I promise it won't hurt and might actually help. [Just practice respect and restraint with the treat ... and you don't have to tell me I don't always follow my own advice LOL!]

  4. hmm what a great idea! man your just brimming with great ideas! :D

  5. I had a choc top at the movies last night, but right back into the swing of things today. Guess that's one of my bones gone....

  6. Hi Katie,

    Add me to your 100 day challenge.


  7. What an awesome idea! Seems like the thing I need to get me back on track - have been contemplating how best to get myself into good habits again - and reading this has given me the answer!!! Will have a think about my goals & get cracking. Thanks!!

    MM xx

  8. @Frankie - no darling - you're good. This challenge with these rules didn't start until today so we aren't backdating any indiscretions. Clean slate my girl x

  9. Hi again, I forgot to mention my "challenge":
    I am starting HRT-progesterone cream for the next 2 months tomorrow and in order for me to feel better...
    1-I need to relax and not "stress" and keep a balanced diet of moderate carbs,low fat and clean snacks. Avoid excess sugar except for PMS-will use my 10 skinny bones-love that!
    2-keep fit-strength training 4 times a week
    I need your encouragement ladies!!