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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Not Waving, Drowning

I am an expert in fat loss. I know how to burn calories through hard lifting and cardio. I am experienced in the pros and cons of low carb. I am skilled in being in a deficit. This is my comfort zone.

I do not know how to stay at a stable weight. It is a foreign, uncharted world where all the rules have to be re-written. It frightens me because I have lost my confidence.

There is a simple and stupid way to find my way back to safe and familiar territory. I eat. I eat without rules, without common sense and without restraint. By knowingly behaving irresponsibly, I can put myself in a position where fat loss is necessary again.

It makes no sense ... and yet it makes perfect sense.

Today I start a new plan. A fat loss plan that gives me rules, numbers and a schedule. In a bizarre way, it is a relief to know that I can get back on the boat, instead of treading water in the cold unpredictable sea.

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