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Friday, 17 July 2009

Step One - Self Employment - Affiliate Links

Buying online items by clicking through from this page will provide me with some income and begin the first step in becoming a self employed business woman.

I am now an affiliate with

Amazonfor all your literary needs
[my favourite books are in the sidebar -->]

Mr Supplement for your supplement needs

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle for an excellent nutrition plan

If you decide to buy from any of these retailers, I get a commission on the sale. It doesn't cost you anything extra, it just means some of the company's profits get sent to me for pointing you in their direction. ♥ Thank you ♥


  1. Great idea, I will be happy to help out when I make my next purchase at one the online stores :-)

  2. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Oky doke, just made a purchase - good timeing, hope I did it the right way through your site. I also buy books reasonably regularly through Amazon so will go to your blog from now on.

    Congrats on following your 'dream' for want of a better word. Your writing is so inspiring, and you as a person continue to inspire me. Erika aka Essie aka TopEndGirl

  3. Anonymous10:05 pm

    P.S 'scuse the spelling in my last post....

  4. Anonymous11:46 pm

    No didn't spend a fortune, well spent a bit, but it just happened I needed quite a bit of stuff so why not let a mate profit!!!!

    I also buy books through Amazon quite a bit as I've found my research/nursing books are cheaper from overseas or I can't even get them here.

    Even better when I can give a percentage to a person that has really inspired me. I know it took you 'sorta 5 years' sorta taken me 3, and still going.... But boy am I pumped now..... Essie

  5. Anonymous11:54 pm

    OK, to all ...just a follow up. I have BFFM and some of the other online books, and have paid legitimately. Recommend them 100% I just love Tom Veneto's 'stuff', so buy through Katie's site. Am I still a fatty, yep, because I haven't followed as I'm still sorting out myself.

    Have done a great online order through Katies site, and am reading all of Tom's stuff again and this week I am over mediocrity - for me anyway.

    Will be posting on my blog when I get myself organised.


  6. Love that you added a recommended Book list! All of this look great. Going to read "Brida" next!