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Monday, 17 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 78 - My Weakness is Irrelevant

I am so frustrated that I can get everything right except my eating. I really need to work on getting this under control. I am going to focus all my energy into fixing this issue once and for all.

Except I'm not because my weakness is irrelevant.

What is happening is that I am constantly thinking about how crap my eating is, so my eating is crap. I beat myself up when I eat the wrong thing, I spend hours trying to find the perfect program that will cure my ills, and I become confused and stressed every time I have to make an eating decision. My head is full of negative, self defeating, non-productive thoughts.

I am no longer going to worry or stress about my eating choices because my weakness is irrelevant.

Now I am focusing on what I am really really good at. This is my Pirate Legend, the things I am famous for.

Here is my list of famous feats for yesterday ...

♥ I walked to the library and back
♥ I connected with my blog/forum friends
♥ Loads of people read my blog, forum and articles
♥ I gained knowledge by reading
♥ I gained inspiration from listening to other people's health and fitness stories
♥ I made a small income from my online business
♥ I wrote out my goals
♥ I enjoyed the beautiful warm day
♥ My eye felt better
♥ I didn't ingest any chemicals, only real food
♥ I showered, washed my hair, shaved my legs and wore makeup
♥ I noticed my thoughts and stopped the negative ones
♥ I honoured my body with food that was not processed or manufactured
♥ I lived passionately and truthfully
♥ I spent time absorbed in activities that fill me up
♥ I wrote
♥ I was happy

These victories are my strengths, my fame, and my fortune. It doesn't make a difference whether they are simple and easy wins or hard fought battles, I achieved great things in a single day.

If I think on these things, then the food doesn't matter ... after all, it's just food for fuck's sake. And I know that by putting my focus on what I can do well, then the rest of it will fall into place eventually by itself.

I give myself the gift of patience and forgiveness. I will learn and I will grow and as a result the simple act of choosing healthy and nutritious food, without struggle or deprivation, will come as easily as my desire to be strong, committed and inspirational.

  • Is your focus always on the negative? Has that helped you improve?
  • What if you could get better by working on your strengths and not your weaknesses?
  • What have you achieved today? What are the great things you do you never even think about? What are you famous for?
  • Give up stressing about the bad bits for just 10 days. Every time you have a thought about that thing that trips you up, replace it with a positive thought instead e.g. "I might eat crappy food sometimes but I never have a problem smashing myself in the gym! I love training! In fact today I'm going to do an extra rep on every set because I am getting really strong ..."
  • You are so much more than your weakness -- forget about it and take comfort and pleasure in your fabulousness!! Your strengths matter and your weakness is IRRELEVANT!!


  1. Good documentation, log.

  2. Hey Katie!
    I'm trying to follow your lead with the negative thinking issues. I have not trained for about ten days in a row!!!Am beating myself up about it - I work from home and have young kids that I cannot leave alone, hubby travels 2 hours to work and back, so my gym window is quite limited - and stuff keeps popping up!
    It's almost like I'm anticipating that I won't be able to train from one day to the next.:-(
    Any suggestions? I LOVE working out at the gym, but I have all of the above taking up a lot of my time right now...need to get out of this rut.

  3. Love this post katie!

  4. Thanks Emmett and Tearose

    Sandra - All you can do is your best at this moment in time.

    If you have to stay home with the kids then why not devise an 'at home' bodyweight workout? You could do pushups, tricep dips, situps, squats, lunges and planks maybe a couple of times a day. Get the kids involved -- they can sit on your back or you can lift them up from the floor like a deadlift.

    Take them to the park and do some stretching or just push them on the swings while tightening your core and activating your glutes.

    Maybe buy a resistance band and do bicep curls, lateral raises and shoulder presses.

    You don't need to go to a gym to get fit. I lost 25kg with two 4kg dumbbells without setting foot in the gym.

    Get creative -- there are heaps of ways to train with your kids in tow. Something is always better than nothing (unless you are recovering then nothing is good LOL)

    Good luck