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Sunday, 16 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 79 Phase Three Underway

Phase Three -- Check Your Map
Today you should revisit your map in light of everything you learned in Phase One and Two.

♥What is the treasure you are seeking? What do you hope to achieve at the end of these 100 days? Do you have a specific goal, an end point, something you can measure?

♥Is the treasure the purpose of this challenge or just a reward that it secondary to the adventure? If you could get your hands on the treasure right now, would you give up being a pirate? Would you be a pirate anyway because that is who you are? Do you find happiness and satisfaction solely in the thrill of being free, lawless and traveling the high seas? Would you still do it if there was no prize?

♥Do you know why you are on this challenge? How does this challenge express your passion? Do you feel emotional when you think about all you have achieved and the opportunities that lie before you?

♥How much will it cost to achieve your goals? What will you need to give up - time, money, indulgence, familiarity, comfort? Are you actually making the transaction daily by taking steps towards your goal?

♥How long has it been since you wrote your goals down on paper, or said them out loud? Nothing is real until it exists outside your head.

  • Decide if your are goals focused on the journey or the destination
  • Determine your reasons why. Identify your passion and add your emotions into the equation.
  • Take action
  • Write down your goals daily and say them out loud

Phase Three -- Setting Sail -- Leave the Past Behind

It is time to put your old life into storage, say goodbye to the things that have held you back, and sail away from a life that is comforting and familiar. You have the right map, the right crew, and a vessel that is swift and strong. It is time to create your future ... and it starts right now.

It is time to decide if you are in or out -- because the ship is sailing and you need to get on board. It doesn't matter what you have done over the last 20 days because today is all you have.

Remember who you are, and who you want to be ... it's time to get this party started. Are with with me??

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