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Monday, 10 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 85 - Write Your Own Pirate Legend

It is great to have an online presence - a blog, an article site, a facebook page and a twitter account - but there is enormous value in writing things down the old fashioned way.

Ever since I got serious about writing, I have a notebook with me at all times. I scribble in it at every opportunity. Although the pages are messy and the topics are mixed up, it is helpful to have a private place to deposit my thoughts (which more often than not end up here anyway!). I am even contemplating taking it with me to the gym because now my lifting log is covered in challenge ideas and blog thoughts.

One of the things I have noticed with this 100 Day Challenge is that I lose track of all my bits - my goal tracker, my bones tally, and my task posts. I am so distracted by all this doing that I forget about pausing to see how I am feeling.

I knocked up this blank word template that I have printed out and put into a pretty binder. I can write, colour in, stick on stars and go crazy in private. When the 100 days is up, I will have a great reminder of my journey.

Here's the document ... download it for free.

  • Pull together all the elements of the 100 Day Challenge in one place and write your own Pirate legend
  • Use this template if you want to start the challenge on your own.
  • Just follow the recap posts to get you started from the beginning.
SB 100 DC Free Workbook


  1. Hi Katie,
    If you just got a comment from "Cassie", I sent it from my daughter's address in error.

  2. In case you didn't get it ...I was saying thank you for the Template, I just printed it x 7 and it will make Phase 2 much more organised than Phase 1 - I'm one happy little Pirate.