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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 90 - The Pirate Council

Congratulations on making it through Phase One of the Skinny Bones 100 Day Challenge. Please feel free to copy and paste your Parchment of Progress anywhere you like.

Here is the checklist for what you should have achieved in Phase One. If you have missed anything you can still catch up.
  • set your action goals -- found the map
  • officially signed up for the challenge -- signed the contract
  • recorded your daily progress -- created a task chart, log, journal (+ bonus bone)
  • supported your fellow team members -- commented on their blog posts (+ bonus bone)
  • reflected on your success -- mid phase challenge post (+ bonus bone)
  • resisted temptation and faced your fears -- fought the evil Pirate of Powerlessness
  • challenged your definition of failure -- held on to your Skinny Bones when you didn't really fail
Check In Process (*voluntary)
  • Fill in the Skinny Bones Tally spreadsheet in Google with your Skinny Bones tally for this phase (if you don't have access then add it to your comments)
Comment on this post with the following information
  • your milestones - e.g. weight loss, inches/cms lost, days without bingeing, physical improvements etc.
  • your victory over the Pirate of Powerlessness
  • what you are loving about this challenge
KatieP's Check In
  • I have 12 Skinny Bones (entered in the spreadsheet)
This is how I calculated it (you don't need to give me this detail - just a reminder so you don't forget those bonuses!)
+1 bonus bone - logged my progress
+1 bonus bone - commented on blogs
+1 bonus bone - mid point challenge (everyone who posted gets one)
+1 bonus bone - staying on track after eating at the pub
-1 not getting enough sleep
-1 not lasting 10 days without standing on the scales

  • I weighed in at 58.5kg. I have gone 10 days in a row - without a binge, sugar under 25g a day, getting out of the house, writing every day, training at least 4 x a week.
  • My major victory was breaking the habit of 'going for gold' for the rest of the day after eating out at the pub.
  • The thing I am loving the most is making this challenge up as we go along.
If you all check in as soon as you can, I will post a summary of our collective success tomorrow night (to allow for our overseas Pirates to get to day 90). Look for the Phase One Booty.

If you are only one or two days behind at this point, you can choose to skip to the end of Phase One now and then you will have the same day numbers as me. If you want to stay with your own count, just do the tasks on the day that they are posted. You will finish before/after the last week but by then I'll probably be out of ideas anyway!

It is not too late to sign up for the Challenge and then complete Phase One and Phase Two together. After I post the Phase One Booty tomorrow I am closing off accepting official participants. You can still follow along without being signed up but unfortunately I won't be able to keep up with people at all different stages of the Challenge.

♥ Yo-ho-ho-ho -- we did it gang! First stage done!


  1. -I have stretched each day,binge free 5 of 7 days, will weigh in on aug. 7, have worked out extra hard
    -my victory over the pirate of powerlessness was that i got through a saturday wihtout a binge(hardest day for me for some reason)
    -I am loving that this challenge is holding me accountable! great support network.

  2. Oops i meant 8 of 10 days. My bad!

  3. Congratulations - a fantastic effort ♥

  4. I am loving this because I am not alone on my quest for victory!! We women need to stick together-we will succeed!
    -I am following my HRT (progesterone x day)
    -no sugar or binge in 9 days
    -exercise 4 x week
    -eat clean 90% of time
    On to Phase 2...I'm ready so bring it!!

  5. I weighed in at 70 kilos or 154 lbs last time I stepped on the scale I was 74 kilos or 163 lbs. I am 1 lbs shy of my goal this week of 153 so I am happy. (I hold water like a camel)

    I have 5 clean eating and drinking my water days in a row

    I have done my weights and cardio 4 days (sunday was in there no workouts that day)

    I have 4 days of showering, brushing my teeth and looking decent- this has really helped my mood.

    I fought the Pirate of Powerlessness the first 2 days of the flu, and then again when getting well, it was tempting to say oh well its the end of the week I will start fresh on Monday.

    I am ready for Phase 2!

    Good Job Nerd Girl! :D

  6. Congratulations CathyC and Tearose - we're smashing this challenge ♥

  7. I am going to be very honest here - I might award myself a bone for this very fact.

    I have not trained at the gym since last Tuesday
    (-1 Bone)
    Binged on chocolate Monday night
    (-1 Bone)

    Now for some positives -
    I did some jogging combined with 50m sprints on Monday afternoon and LOVED IT, plan to incorporate more of that into my training

    Have drunk 3 litres water for the last 10 days!

    Currently sufferig severe PMS - feel like something the cat dragged in and spewed back up, but have kept blogging and reading/commenting on others' blogs

    I'm enjoying the support network developing here, I have more followers on my blog and some lovely new people are leaving me comments

    I have decided to update my Goals, which I had not done at the beginning:
    Eat clean 90% of the time
    PLAN my free meal
    Drink 3l water per day
    Work out 6 days (3x weights, 6x cardio) with one complete rest day

    Have one day away from my laptop per week
    Take small daily steps to eliminate stress
    Clean my kitchen sink every night (makes a huge difference to my mood in the morning)
    Tidy up bathroom every morning when the troops have left for the day

    OK! Bring on Phase 2

  8. Yay! Ive reached Phase One. I havent given myself any bones as yet but I will manage to get that all organised today.
    No Toast (so hard to spread it for my daughter's brekkie!)
    2 litres of water - check
    hugs for the kids - double check
    Having my time out moments - check and loving it!

    Doing well and feeling less bloaty - cant ask more than that. Keep it going fellow challengers Trudsxx

  9. Sandra and Trudi - you are doing so well - let's keep the momentum going ♥

  10. Hey there. I'm at the end of my Phase 2

    Ok well I do weekly weigh in's and my last one was last Friday. Weight was up slightly 0.2kg but waist was down 4cm which is a total of 7cm for the challenge.

    I haven't binged and I've been drinking heaps of water. I've had to modify goals and cut out yoga do to physio's orders and my bung shoulder.

    I have overcome the Pirate of Powerlessness that told me I couldn't run by running on the treadmill AND faster then I've ever run on there. So will now be adding some intervals in on the weekend workouts.

    I'm loving the challenge because I'm getting to know more great bloggers and it also makes me more accountable xxxx

  11. Good work Miss Frankie - love your attitude!

  12. Great week considering I am now nursing a possible popped disc!!

    Drank unplanned wine - 1 bone

    Did my cardio, & weights, until yesterday when I stuffed my back just getting into the car!

    BUT fought the Pirate of Powerlessness by not even thinking I needed to treat myself because I was in pain and feeling miserable. + 1 bone

    Have done my goals and filled in + 1 bone

    Have read and commented on others blogs + 1 bone

    Thought about being a failure as I can't do much physically for the next week, but hey not my fault. Well it was my fault as I popped my own disc, the Pirate didn't, BUT I can't do anything about that atm except do what I'm told in order to heal. + 1 bone

    I have totally kept to my eating plan.

    I intend to keep to it even through this next week.

    Not sure of weightloss was still at a total loss of 1.9kgs, will weigh tomorrow.

    Total 13 skinny bones.

  13. Wow ... bad luck about hurting yourself. But you can maybe take comfort in the fact that I didn't train for a whole week on purpose and didn't gain any weight. If you stick to your eating plan you'll be fine.
    Good luck Pirate Es ♥

  14. Thanks Katie, will look at my food and aim just to not increase my weight during this time. Gawd, how easy was that to say, things ar a changing....

  15. Wow, I think I have way more bones than I thought. I'm gonna have to update that. So, here we are:

    I met all my goals for this Phase:

    - trained hard 5 days
    - drank at least 3 liters a day every day
    - stayed off the scale
    - followed my daily food plan, SOMEwhat (no bingeing)
    - Journaled and visualized

    I also earned some bonus bones:

    +1 bonus bone - logged my progress
    +1 bonus bone - mid point challenge

    So, I think I'm at 11 bones, not ten, for this challenge. Right?

    Man, I feel so bloated today. What will it take for this little tummy of mine to get FLAT????

  16. "I met all my goals for this Phase"
    Well done Liimu - that is a brilliant effort.

    Hint for the flat tummy - how is your fibre intake? Try increasing insoluable fibre (like bran) to move things through your digestive tract quicker.