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Saturday, 5 September 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 59 - The Struggle

When two equally matched forces pull against each other it is an exhausting ongoing struggle. To the unobservant eye, it looks like nothing or very little is happening. There is no significant movement in either direction. And yet a great deal of energy is being used to merely stay static.

On one side, there is the part of me that loves to be lean, strong and healthy. The gift it wants to give me is self confidence, resilience, pride and wellness. I imagine this part of me as a star resting in my right hand.

The symbol is hard and metallic. It has sharp pointy edges and it is cold. This side wins for long periods of time.

On the other side, there is the part of me that loves to break all the rules -- to eat large quantities of rich sugary fat laden food and lie around sleeping and watching TV.

The gift it wants to give me is peace, contentment, relaxation and a healthy dose of rebellion and individuality. I imagine this part of me as a peace symbol resting in my left hand.

The symbol is smooth and round. It has comforting curves and it is warm. This side lays in wait (weight!) for the star side to get tired, or distracted and then it takes over.

The star understands what the peace symbol is trying to achieve and the peace symbol appreciates the honourable intentions of the star. In the absence of rules and expectations, in spite of logic and considered thought, the two parts of me can finally commune.

My two hands come together, the palms meet and join into one.

When I open my hands I see a beautiful new image.

It has the qualities of the gold star with it's colour and sharp edges, but it also has characteristic of the peace symbol with warm, smooth, sweeping curves and the form of a dove.

Instead of being at war, instead of pulling in two different direction, I hold the dove of peace in my hands. I place it in my heart and the symbol multiplies and floods every cell of my body.

Now the two opposing forces are working together to bring me the gifts of self confidence, peace, resilience, contentment, pride, relaxation, individuality and total wellness to my life.

The fight to get lean and stay lean is finally over. I have inner agreement and inner alignment. I am lean, fit, strong and healthy AND relaxed, contented and slightly rebellious easily and effortlessly.

The tug of war rope has finally been dropped on the floor and discarded in the corner. I might use it later for a skipping rope!

Update: Guided meditation experience courtesy of Renee Stephens' Sabotage Self Sabotage (I have no financial affiliation with this product).


  1. Awesome Post Katie!! :)How though? How does one do this?

  2. Without sounding like a late night commercial, go to and buy the guided meditation called Sabotage Self Sabotage (I don't get a thing if you buy it, I just loved the experience).

    I bought all three, listened to them last night and now I feel (and think) differently. Life changing!

    I might have spoiled it a bit for you though because now you will have my symbols in your head. If you end up doing it, come up with your own images that represent the 'good' and 'bad' parts of you.