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Friday, 4 September 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 60 - The Pirates Council

All of the time it takes me to keep this Challenge on track is doing my head in, and not even required. As usual, I am overdoing things and making them too complicated.

So - the Pirates Council for today is whatever you want it to be. It is Day 60 and for me that is an important milestone, the end of Phase Four and the beginning of Phase Five so I'll post my 'Proud as a Pirate with a Parrot' list.

In a minute ...

First of all an update on what has been going on.

I have been working through the Inside Out Weight Loss program which is based on the (in my opinion TRUE) premise that behaviours come from thoughts so to make lasting change we have to address the accumulated mess in our brains.

Imagine for a moment a room filled with books and documents and magazines strewn all over the floor. No one inch of floor or furniture is visible because of all the paper spread all around the room. That is where I started.

Then imagine a room with all the books on the shelves, the papers filed in neat piles and the magazines stacked in tidy bundles. Suddenly the room looks cleaner, bigger and more welcoming. Nothing has been thrown out or destroyed, it has just been moved to its rightful home.

In order to tidy up such a messy place, things get worse before they get better. If you were to walk in, especially at the start of the process, it would look like a bomb had gone off.

In the past days a bomb has gone off and my head got messier and messier and it felt like my eating behaviours were getting worse instead of better.

But if I gave up half way through the process, then I would never see any results of the work I had put it. So I kept on going.

I am still a long way away from having found the rightful home for all of my thoughts, beliefs, inner dialogue and sense of identity and there are things I have uncovered that I haven't seen for years, but the chaos is worth it. Slowly things are getting better, and as they do, I can sense real change taking place.

Now I feel a growing sense of control, I will use the rest of this challenge to journal my own personal transformation. After all, I can't help anyone else unless I help myself first.

Proud as a Pirate with a Parrot
  • No desire to drink Diet Coke
  • Turned down the offer of takeaway for dinner because I didn't feel like it
  • Practiced EFT on my cravings
  • Never gave up
  • Accepted and appreciated my body as it is right now
  • Wrote out my affirmations and success journal most days
  • Totally abstained from guilt exercise and severe restriction after over-eating
  • Forgave myself
  • Faced the tough stuff
  • Had more good days than bad days
  • Did yoga because I love it, not to burn calories
  • Went for a walk because I love it, not to burn calories
  • Rested
  • Took some down time watching TV
  • The difference between the highs and lows was less
Writing it down makes me realise that more has been happening than I thought. I am so convinced that this is going to work. If I can change my beliefs about Diet Coke and not even miss it after a lifetime of addiction, then I can change my beliefs that crappy drugged food is the solution to the emotional turbulence of every day living.

The future has unlimited potential, and I get to create it right here and now. I can only dream of what a day free of stressing about food and my weight might be like, but I know that that day is coming very soon.


  1. What a shit hot sexy pirate you are KatieP. Love the photo of self.

  2. Hi Katie, well said and you will be just fine skinny bones!
    This Phase was a good example of how important it is for be to always be in the "moment", and to be less focused on being 100% on EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. It never worked in the past so why would it work now? So I have mastered my food plan according to what I want to eat when I want to eat it-and just knowing I have that
    choice I really don't jump on the "dessert table" anymore! If I want it it's there, BUT who wants to feel like sh*t after eating sugar!! I have come to eat clean naturally-there is no other way to live!
    So I have exercised hard and ate so well and even lost a pound or two!
    Next Phase:
    1-Have quality time with hubby, do homework with kids which both make me feel that I have a purpose.
    2-Try a yoga class again...want to build core muscles and feel connected to my body.
    3-and lose a pound or 2 again!!
    So that's it so far..I'll keep you posted.
    Good luck mates!

  3. Katie, wonderful to see you doing so well and feeling so good. And I'm with Shelley, you're a shit hot pirate. Shame about the parrot lol - doesn't hold a candle to you! lol