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Thursday, 3 September 2009

100 Day Challenge - 60 is Better than 0

The Skinny Bones Challenge started out with great interest and enthusiasm but now it seems that some of us (myself included) are having a hard time sticking to it.

Tomorrow is day 60. That leaves 60 days until the end of the challenge - 2 months/8 weeks. What could you achieve if you re-committed to the next 60 days? Would you be better off if you resolved to do something rather than nothing?

Here is the challenge -- if you are an original founding member of the Challenge and you've lost your way, got sidetracked or hit a few bumps in the road, then pick yourself up and decide to make the last 60 days count. Set an intention that is positive and achievable and do what you need to do for the next 60 days.

If you have been following along, but aren't an official participant, well now is your chance to do a test run. Challenge yourself to change something for the next 60 days.

Leave a comment -- a public commitment to action -- and tell me what you are going to work on.

For the next 60 days, I am going to bring my perfect day closer to becoming a
reality. I going to find peace and disconnection with food, I am going to listen and
honour my body and I am going to deeply and completely love and accept
myself. I am also going to walk the plank on 09.09.09 (how's that for a
momentous date?) and request extended leave from my job from 1 Jan 2010.

On my birthday in 6 weeks time, I will be lean, strong, healthy and energised, I will only eat for physical nourishment and I will have discovered new ways to fulfil my emotional needs. Being centred and balanced will be my highest priority.

Let's find a new sense of purpose together and benefit from the magic of combined positive intent.

I am also going to be spending much more time over at the Skinny Bones 100 Day Challenge Forum writing my daily journal, thoughts and challenges so feel free to join me over there as well.

The one thing I hold on to is that when things seem the crappiest, the bleakest and the most difficult, it means there is a breakthrough just around the corner. I am holding on with all my might so that I make it to that place where everything starts to make sense.

60 Days can change your life. 60 Days will give you a head start for summer. 60 Days is easy.

I need some help here gang ... let me know I'm not doing this on my own ♥


  1. Talk about perfect timing. I have been a major bingemonster the last 2 days and prepared all of my contest food for tomorrow. I have gained a good amount of weight and can visibly see it on my ass! I was going to try to "bulk" a little bit until the 21st of September, but I am over that. I can't handle my body this way. i feel absolutely gross.

    I am with you. The next 60 days(and beyond) I am going to be in contest prep and i am going to do it RIGHT. I am with you katie, you are so much like me it seems.

  2. You're never on your own honey. I'm right beside you every single day.

  3. Hi Katie,

    I've never given up the challenge, but not contributing as much anymore...
    I'll be totally honest with you - it all got a bit confusing for me!...
    Lost track of the Bones tally etc and although I still follow the posts, I never really think of anything worthwhile to contribute.
    Making great progress with most of my goals, just can't be bothered tracking too much of it.

  4. Hello Katie!

    I'm still here, still reading your posts and enjoy them and can't believe all the great thought that goes into them!

    I'm resolving to make the next 60 days (and beyond) on track days.

    The last 40 days have been 'stop/start/stop/start with for me, may go OK a few days then have a few binge monsster days, then back on track for a couple etc. This is day 3 of 'on track for good' as I speak haha. 40 days ago I was 82.0kg and today 80.7 so at least I have stopped going up, now just getting fitter and leaner and stronger for triathlon season and am on a mission to see if I can lose at least 10kg in the next 10 weeks by 14 Nov, - sis's wedding,(or do best I can!) Then tri season starts after that!

    I haven't been tallying the bones, - probably would be negative 50 or so if I did. I will start checking out the forum!

  5. @Emmett - thanks

    @Lizzy - loved chatting with you today

    @Shelley - I feel you baby!

    @Sandra - great to hear you are going so well -- tracking is NOT required

    @Pip - bones don't matter - it sounds like they just confuse everyone. 'On track for good' is a fantastic intention ♥

  6. Hi Katie,
    This is exactly what I need at this stage. I too have been stop/start and need to refocus. I have been slack with the challenge but will head on over to the forum - I am determined to use the next 60 days to set the foundation for a healthier life!

  7. I too am on this challenge until the end and always striving for a better quality of life! You are not alone, I am set on my way to the finish line as a "skinny bone". I have 60 days and I will make them count!

  8. Hi Katie I am re-committing these last 60 days. I am down 3 skinny bones too so I need to fix that.

  9. @Amanda -- you're doing a fantastic job already!

    @CathyC -- you are one of the most committed Skinny Bone Pirates sailing on the Seven Seas.

    @Tearose -- I hereby grant you a fresh start - you now have back all the bones you started with so just focus on doing your best from today onwards ♥