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Thursday, 3 September 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 61 - Phase Four Recap and Prepare for the Pirates Council

Phase Four Recap -- Stormy Weather
If you missed Phase One you can find it here.
If you missed Phase Two you can find it here.
If you missed Phase Three you can find it here.
Day 69 - Motivation and Inspiration
Motivation is external and inspiration comes from within. Which one drives you?

Day 68 - The Pros and Cons
When you are faced with a decision how do you decide? Is weighing a good thing or destructive?

Day 67 - All Hands to the Pumps
Did you come up with any ideas for the challenge? I'm still open for suggestions ...

Day 66 - Phase One Mid Point Challenge - Bonus Bone : Words of Wisdom
Post your favourite inspirational quote.

Day 65 - Finding Balance
Are you living a balanced and centred life or are you swinging from one extreme to another. Can you practice extreme moderation?

Day 64 - Limiting Beliefs : Bonus Bone
What are your limiting beliefs - the ones that hold you back from your true potential? Can you de-construct them, question them and doubt that they are really true?

Day 63 - Empowering Beliefs
With your old beliefs smashed into pieces, what do you believe now? What are your new affirmations?

Day 62 - Walk the Plank : Bonus Bone
Can you just take the first step? Have you broken it down into bite size pieces?

Day 61 - Prepare for the Fourth Pirates Council
Day 60 marks the completion of Phase Four and the fourth Pirates Council. This post (the one you are reading now) reviews the highlights of this phase. You can catch up now if you have missed anything.

Tomorrow morning I will post my official Phase Four check in. If you are finishing Phase Four with me, or are close enough then you can add your information by commenting ON TOMORROW'S POST (it will help me if it is all in one place):

Check in information is:
  • your Skinny Bones tally for this Phase (fill in the Skinny Bones Tally spreadsheet in Google if you have access otherwise add it to your comment)
  • your milestones - e.g. weight loss, inches/cm lost, days without bingeing, physical improvements
  • your victory over the Pirate of Powerlessness
  • your intention for the next 10 days

Day 60 - See you tomorrow at the Pirate Council for Phase Four and the start of Phase Five - Mutiny

So get cracking on those tasks and challenges so you can get your Skinny Bones tally up.

Heave Ho Me Hearties ... I've been fucking up for forty days We've been doing this for forty days! ♥

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