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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 62 - Walk the Plank - Make a Start

Walking the plank can conjure up images of flinging yourself headlong into the cold and turbulent sea. It seems more comforting and safe to stay where you are on the plank.

But who says you have to just jump right in? Can you move out of your comfort zone by simply dipping your toe in the water?

Small incremental steps add up. As you dip your toe, then your foot and then your leg into the hostile elements, you will adjust to the temperature of the water. Suddenly new and unfamiliar places don't seem as frightening any more.

What is the thing that you have always been afraid to do? Have you done it yet?

Can you make small steps towards making that dream come true without actually jumping?

Do something today to bring that great big scary thing a little closer to realisation. Break it down into steps. Do just the first one for now.

If you have always wanted to run a marathon, you don't have to go and sign up just now. You can start by picking the event and choosing the date, picking out your special 'race' clothes and start wearing them, loading up your Ipod with your race tunes and then trying them out, or adding 1 km to your long weekend run every couple of weeks.

Just dip your toe in the water with the knowledge that you can still change your mind and remain in safety. In fact, you may find that once you start the process it will be really easy, or your heart will lead you somewhere else entirely.

All you have to do today is one small action that will help you progress towards that thing you've always wanted to do.

What I am going to do? We'll I've set the date, I've made a plan, and today I'm going to get some professional help in formulating and executing the next steps.

It is scary and exciting -- the way life is meant to be!


  1. Hi Katie, Good luck on your new plan!

  2. Yay for scary goals! :o)

  3. Thanks Cathy and Kerryn

  4. Yep-I'm walking the plank all right! But I feel stronger for it!
    And thanks again for your kind your words on my blog-means alot!

  5. Raechelle - you are amazing, brave and inspiring - you are indeed walking the plank -- smashing it into a million pieces!